Published: 16th March 2023

53 goals in 63 games is an achievement that many players would be proud to have, and Danni McGinley is no exception.

The forward signed for the Terrors in 2019 and has had an exceptional impact ever since. McGinley, 28, played a crucial part in the sensational season which saw the team promoted to SWPL1, and has continued to make her mark in the top division.

Frequently described as a talisman for the team, her effect, both on and off the pitch, is tangible.

This season, she has netted ten goals, making her the highest scorer in the league outside of the top three teams. DUWFC went into the break sitting comfortably ninth before the split.

We spoke to Danni ahead of the post-split fixtures about her views on the season so far, and her success inside the box. 

How would you say the season has gone so far?

"I think that we are really making a name for ourselves in the league, it’s a tough level to play at but I think we have taken points where we have needed to.

"We are sitting comfortably in the table now, and we have lots to build on, so we are looking forward to the remainder of the season."

How would you say that you have dealt with the transition to SWPL1, both personally and as a team?

"I think that some of the girls have found it quite tough; I don’t think that they fully knew what to expect.

"There are a lot of girls who have come in from different teams who have experience at SWPL1 level. It definitely shows when it comes to matches - you can see the ones who have been here before."

You have been at the club since 2019, what have you enjoyed and how do you think you have developed as a player over this time? 

"I think that it's nice being local, it is the closest I've been based to a club in a long time. The shorter travelling distances really make a difference which helps with work.

"I think I have developed. I probably still have lots that I would like to improve on myself, but I’m happy with where I’m at. If I can keep scoring goals, then I’m happy."

How does it feel to have such an impressive goal record at the club?

"I’m obviously very proud of it. I try not to think about it too much, but when the club posts the statistics, then it is a proud moment when you reflect on that."

"I’m happy to have contributed with goals and a handful of assists as well, so it's, as always, a nice feeling to do that."

Would you say that there is any pressure and expectation which comes along with such a record?

"As a striker, you always put pressure on yourself to try and score in every match. That is what you are there for - that’s your job. I try not to put too much pressure on myself, though."

Now that you have surpassed 50 goals, what’s your next milestone to aim for? 

"I’ve not set any targets, but if I can keep scoring goals for Dundee United just now and keep the team in this division, then that’s my main aim."

What are your aims for the remainder of the season? 

"I think that the main focus has to be to stay in this league. It is massive for the club and it’s massive for the local area.

"We are here to compete and we will only get better."

 Head Coach Graeme Hart

Hart Hails McGinley Milestone

On Danni’s impressive performances this season, Head Coach Graeme Hart added “Danni is in double figures for the season, so that is great.

"When you look outside the top three teams in the league, Danni has the best goal record. It’s not just goals, she creates chances as well.

"There have been a lot of players who have taken the step up this year and have done really well for us which has added to the goals which Danni has scored."

He continued, "On the pitch, you can see that teams will try and double up against her. They are worried that if Danni McGinley is scoring for Dundee United, then we generally will do well.

"Off the pitch, she is excellent. She really helps the coaching staff out with small things which probably go unnoticed like organisation. It’s really good to have her in and she is great with the young ones."

"She knows what the younger ones are capable of, she wants them to do well and to develop. Whether you are 16 or 31, having a role model like Danni is excellent for them.”

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