Xfinity Mobile Review: How I Lowered My Cell Phone Bill to $12/Month

Xfinity Mobile $12 cell phone plan
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My wireless bill is now the cheapest it has been since I got my first cell phone more than 15 years ago.

For about two years, I’ve been using Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, a cell phone service from the cable and internet giant that’s designed to help you save money.

Here’s a snapshot of the billing details on the last day of my first cycle:

Xfinity Mobile $12 cell phone bill

How did I manage to lower my monthly cell phone bill to just $12 before taxes and fees? It was surprisingly simple. I’ll share more about my experience later on, but first here’s how Xfinity Mobile works…

Everything You Need to Know About Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile Service

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network + Xfinity’s Wi-Fi Hotspots

Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s strong and reliable network, but it’s Xfinity’s more than 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide that can help subscribers cut costs by only paying for the data they use.

In addition to using Wi-Fi at home, nearly 70% of customers connect to those hotspots while on the go to limit data usage.

Xfinity Mobile: How Much Does It Cost?

You must have internet service through Xfinity to sign up for the mobile deal. It includes unlimited nationwide talk and text, and no activation or line access fees on up to five lines.

After some tweaks in August 2019, here are the data plans to choose from:

  • Unlimited: $45/month per line on up to five lines; speeds reduced after 20GB
  • By the Gig: 1GB for $12/month, 3GB for $30/month or 10GB for $60/month; $12 per additional GB

With the By the Gig plan, data can be shared across all lines if you have family or friends on the account.


Before August 2019, Xfinity Mobile offered 100MB of free data every month. That’s no longer the case. For new customers, the lowest amount that you can pay is $12/month before taxes and fees.

Customers who joined before August 2019 will lose the free data starting in February 2020.

Switch Back and Forth Between Plans 

One thing that makes Xfinity Mobile unique is its flexibility. Customers can switch from “By the Gig” to “Unlimited” data during their billing cycle at no additional charge.

Also, accounts with multiple lines of service can mix-and-match “By the Gig” and “Unlimited” data options.

Now You Can Bring Select Androids to Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile now lets you bring your own unlocked iPhone and select Androids to its network. Follow this link to check phone compatibility on Xfinity Mobile’s website.

In addition, here are some of the smartphones that the wireless provider sells:

  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Google Pixel 4
  • LG G8 ThinQ

Xfinity Mobile sometimes offers phone deals, like up to $250 off when you activate a new line and transfer your number. Check Xfinity Mobile’s website for the latest deals!

My Experience With Xfinity Mobile

Moments after the Samsung Galaxy S8 I bought through Xfinity Mobile arrived at my door, I was up and running.

There have been no issues with call, text and data performance during my time with the service. I’ve also been impressed with the number of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots that I’m able to connect to when I’m away from home or work.

Take a look at how those hotspots helped me keep my data usage to 0.4GB for one entire billing cycle:


Xfinity Mobile $12 phone bill

By limiting Facebook activity when I’m not connected to Wi-Fi, activating Chrome’s Data Saver and utilizing Wi-Fi only mode for Google Maps, I’ve used even less cellular data than I expected.

Xfinity Mobile makes it easy to monitor your data usage, refreshing it every 20 minutes in the app.

I also like how I’m not tied down to the “By the Gig” plan. If my data usage happens to spike for some reason, I can switch to “Unlimited” without being penalized.

However, with Wi-Fi available in so many places, I’ve been happy with the “By the Gig” plan.

UPDATE: In my first 12 months with Xfinity Mobile, I paid a total of $180.11 for cell phone service, including taxes and fees. That works out to just $15 a month!

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