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Friday February 21
40 YEAR HEALTH STUDY: Lifestyle choices make a big difference
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
The return on home renovation  // Report: The 3 Home Renovations That Are Worth the Cost – Clark Howard
In Appreciation of Depreciation: Buying Used Clothing and Furniture

Thursday February 20
American hustle and contract workers
Special Warning for car buyers:  Dealerships inflate income for loan approval
New Math and Extended Warranties
(5/7/19)  – Premium advice from Clark about gasoline
Minding the personal finance education gap – by keeping it simple

Wednesday February 19
Why You Should Be Careful About Lending Money to Family and Friends – Clark Howard
CODE RED Clark Rage: Hospital bills put your finances in critical condition
Cancer decline and prevention
SAVE MORE: It all starts with housing and transportation choices
eGreetings displace cards. And industry adapts

Tuesday February 18
WARNING:  Reverse mortgages often result in foreclosures
Clark Rage: Beware fake CDs touting high interest rates. They’re promissory notes
How to Plan a Trip: Clark’s Best Travel Tips to Save Money – Clark Howard
A whole new world: How auto insurers now set your rates
SAVE on Prescription Drugs  /   10 Things to Know Before You Use GoodRx – Clark Howard

Monday February 17
Investing:  Be boring
Clark Rage: A special warning concerning smart TVs
6 Steps to Take After You’re in a Car Accident – Clark Howard
AT&T, DirecTV and your wallet //  Streaming TV Archives – Clark Howard
New Study: 55% of Rewards Cardholders Are Leaving Money on the Table – Clark Howard

Friday February 14
Where to Get Cheap Eye Exams – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Peanut Allergy drug wins FDA approval
Bank savings accounts – a common rip off. CDs a better deal now /
Best Online Banks: Free Checking and High-Interest Savings Accounts – Clark Howard

Thursday February 13
Insurance companies rip off teachers: 401K Vs. 403b
If it sounds too good to be true … $3/4 of a billion stolen in a Ponzi scheme
JOBS:  Keeping pace with education requirements for a changing workforce
TRAVEL TECH: Biometric boarding
Annuities– No Deal /    Ask Clark: Is it still a bad ideal to buy annuities?

Wednesday February 12
Win Win: Amazon Vs the warehouse clubs
Clark Rage:  DECLINED – Hitting your credit card limit
The home security industry evolves. Your new options
When and Where to Buy a Wireless Security System – Clark Howard
The SECURE Act – Big Changes Coming to Your Retirement Account in 2020 and Beyond – Clark Howard
The boss / worker bridge to success: Expectations from work

Tuesday February 11
T-Mobile and Sprint Are Approved to Merge – Clark Howard
Clark Rave: Profit Sharing is great for business
Advanced password management for better security
‘Pink tax’ marketing – Bye
Find Out What Priceline or Hotwire Hotel You’re Getting Before You Book – Clark Howard

Monday February 10
The story on investing in “story stocks
Clark Rage: Company refunds issued on debit cards designed to keep the ‘breakage’
RIP OFF ALERT!  Ransomware attacks escalate. Protect your business
Remedy delayed: Toyota and Honda recall 6 million vehicles over faulty airbags
Housing market update – what buyers and sellers need to know

Friday February 7
Housing market update: Mortgage rates  /
Interest Rates Are at the Lowest Point in Nearly 4 Years – Should You Refinance? – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
How to save on prescription medication –  10 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs – Clark Howard
Clark’s Cell Phone Plan Guide  +  Free service from TextNow
New Way to Get Cheap Cell Phone Service on Verizon’s Network-

Thursday February 6
RIP OFF ALERT – Never trade in a vehicle that hasn’t been paid off
Clark Rageous big bank cruelty
20 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $20 – Clark Deals
Young and in debt
Keep your car spotless with these 5 easy cleaning hacks – Clark Howard

Wednesday February 5
Free State and Federal Tax Filing Options for 2020 – Clark Howard
Here’s Your Estimated 2020 Tax Refund Schedule – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: The student loan industry is flat out broken. Borrowers – action required
Visa credit card changes on the way. What merchants and customers need to know
No cash backlash
Buying too much and paying the consequences

Tuesday February 4
How to prevent prescription drug mistakes –
3 Things You Need to Do With Your Prescription Before You Leave the Pharmacy – Clark Howard
70+ great end-of-season clothing sales happening right now! – Clark Deals
Student loan forgiveness back on track
The DOT cracks down on service animals
Work From Home: Top 100 Companies With Remote Jobs in 2020 – Clark Howard
New Report: Here are the Top 6 Career Fields for Remote Jobs in 2020 – Clark Howard
Work From Home Guide: Legitimate Work-at-Home Job Opportunities – Clark Howard

Monday February 3
The little investment app that changed the world and your new advantage
Clark Rage: Cybercriminals find new ways to hack your account – Your best defense
Workplace isolation: What the lonely need to know
When workers aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. 2 keys for success in business
Disrupter Files: When upstarts take on giants

Friday January 31

Catch a deal if you can: Airlines and hotels now using hyper dynamic pricing
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Repurpose your old electronics –  Ways to sell or donate old electronics – Clark Howard
RIP OFF ALERT! Beware fake shopping sites
How to spot a fake online store in 5 easy steps – Clark Howard

Thursday January 30
When to flee a 403b
Clark Rage: Update for Ford owners – The Focus / Fiesta settlement
Ford reaches settlement surrounding faulty Fiesta, Focus transmissions
The reinvention of a car salesman
(5/1 Best of ) Mortgages for the self-employed
The Earnin app – a cousin to the payday loan
Enter the robot baristas

Wednesday January 29
Consumer Reports rates discount eyeglass merchants  + 1 800 Contacts Free Online Eye Exam Review – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: Purely unnecessary- Antibacterial misinformation and your best germ defense
INTERNET PRIVACY: Facebook steps up with a  privacy tool– and the Avast opt-out amid pre-emptive privacy scramble
Off-Facebook Activity     /      Facebook’s new tool will tell you how it knows so much about you – Vox
CLEAR Identity Verification: 6 Things to Know Before You Sign Up – Clark Howard
Good news on the cost of college and student loan borrowing

Tuesday January 28
Special Warning: Google search results and ads
How to find a good moving company – Clark Howard
Clark Rage:  There’s a benefit for homeless veterans going largely unused
Cars are safer. So what’s behind Auto insurance increases?
An Uber price experiment
Talk to the hand: Amazon’s new payment method

Monday January 27
4 practical matters surrounding Coronavirus: Effects and preparation
Clark Rage: FedEx Email scam Alert
Debt distress and the new FICO scoring model
Big Changes for Your Credit Score are Coming in 2020 – Clark Howard
Cash out refi’s are back and dangerous for your wallet
Free shipping is not always a deal

Friday January 24
HOME SECURITY:  Clark’s Ring system self-install adventure
-Ring Security System Review: How to Install the DIY Home Security System – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Something Shameful in the Air: The 3 full-fare airlines’ anti-family seating policy
Universal Life Insurance:  Special Warning

Thursday January 23
Unretirement and the labor shortage
Reverse Clark Rage: A boss’s generosity
Income Sharing Agreements: Free college that’s not on taxpayers
Best of –  Auto insurance tracking can save money, cost privacy
Clark Rage: Buying prescription drugs from Canada – rip off or money saver?
How Clark would reduce traffic congestion –  Clark’s ‘crazy’ idea for getting rid of traffic

Wednesday January 22
Internet privacy protection for minors
CLark Rage: Risky Business: Traditional paper checks
Super Bowl TV deals: 15 of the best bargains on TVs right now! – Clark Deals
What to know about socially responsible investing
Money Moves: Cost pressures force a geographical reordering of American business
Buying groceries online becomes easier, better and more affordable

Tuesday January 21
Winter natural gas prices
Clark Rage: We need to restore faith in American free market capitalism
These Are the 10 Hottest Job Markets for 2020 – Clark Howard
‘Job rotation’ is in full swing – where the jobs are
No accident: Inside customer no-service

Monday January 20 – Best of
The beauty of budgeting apps
Clark Rage – Beware casting call scams on social media
How safe is tap water
How to Find a Free ATM Near You: Allpoint, MoneyPass, CO-OP Financial Services and More – Clark Howard
Beware bogus side hustle schemes

Friday January 17
Report: Top 15 Cars That People Keep for 15 Years or More – Clark Howard
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Clark Smart Healthcare:  Access to primary care
Lifestyle choices affect employment

Thursday January 16
LA Times columnist David Lazarus joins Clark to discuss the grandparent scam
Clark Rage: Criminals target retirement accounts – How to protect your life’s savings
Instability in the homeowners insurance market – what to expect
(4/24) – American car debt is crushing. The Clark smart solution
Employee, independent contractor – and the need for a third classification: Dependent contractor

Wednesday January 15
Privacy Update: Data selling and California’s new law
Windows 10 users need a security update now
Going DENTAL: New developments with teeth straightening
For car owners and renters: Turo and Getaround
The rising minimum wage

Tuesday January 14
College and job training:  Making sure higher education is worth it
New rankings: The most and least valuable college majors – Clark Howard
Clark Rage- Amazon’s warning about browser extension HONEY – NOT True!
Honey Review: How the Free Extension Saves Online Shoppers Money – Clark Howard
 Online Shopping Guide: How to Get the Best Price Possible – Clark Howard
Prosper & Lending Club update: 3 years in, Clark updates investing in P2P lending
Employee ID badges go biometric
Mattress ratings are in plus The Best Time and Place to Buy a Mattress – Clark Howard
Best Mattresses of 2020 – Consumer Reports

Monday January 13
CLARKONOMICS:  Employment update – Direction for job seekers
Clark Rage: Rewarded for failure – Boeing’s fired CEO
Pay TV and internet news – Getting the best deal during rapid change
 AntennaWeb – Antenna Signal Prediction –  Locast
Same as it ever was: Keeping up with the Joneses is dealing in debt
GOB smacked:  The truth about Going Out of Business (GOB) sales
-Online Shopping Guide: How to Get the Best Price Possible – Clark Howard
Google Shopping | Find the best prices and places to buy.

Friday January 10
WANTED: Agenda for small business
Clark answers his critics on Clark Stinks
Company values enhance the bottom line
WAGE THEFT: Employers ripping off their workers

Thursday January 9
7 Items on Deep Discount in January – Clark Howard
Clark Rage: Almost no one who can,  Free Files their taxes!
IRS Announces Beginning of Tax Season for 2020 – Clark Howard
Here Are the New IRS Tax Brackets for 2020 – Clark Howard
Thank you California! Internet privacy rights come to America- Action required
– New tech advances alternative energy. Your new power sources
Lenders are using new methods to determine who gets credit

Wednesday January 8
Travel deals, cable monopoly rates and evolving internet service
Southwest Airlines fares from $49 one way – Clark Deals
Travel Archives – Clark Deals Buy Lift Tickets in Advance and Save | Liftopia
Clark Rage: WARNING: Union sponsored retirement plans
More fraud at the gas pumps.  Clark smart precautions
Americans sick of hostile political divisions
Furniture leasing trend NOT your friend

Tuesday January 7
How the SECURE Act Will Impact Retirement
-Big Changes Coming to Your Retirement Account in 2020 and Beyond – Clark Howard
Scam Alert: Why You Should Never Abbreviate 2020 – Clark Howard
Too many returns: Unprecedented clearance sales mark January and February
New life-saving medical tech
Shopping online: Counterfeits and Amazon’s competing priorities

Monday January 6
Rolling old debt into new – Avoid the negative equity car trade-in
Clark Rage: Door to door salespeople walk among us
You have options: An insurance co-op expands –
Lemondade Insurance reinvents home and renter’s insurance-Clark Howard
Cargo bikes deliver the goods
Crowdfunding funerals – there are better ways

Friday January 3 – Best of
How much home improvements really pay off
Massive Ponzi scheme operators face billion dollar justice after defrauding thousands of would-be investors
The cost of dental care: How to protect your health and wallet
A new tool for language learning: The Netflix Chrome extension
5 sneaky ways to improve your credit score – Clark Howard

Thursday January 2 – Best of
The best interior and exterior paints for your home –
Criminal caller ID spoofing perpetrates scam calls from the IRS, the SSA, and now local law enforcement
Be Clark smart WARNED: Timeshare rip offs persist!
The FSA  card advantage expands to Amazon
Trouble saving, investing, and paying down debt? There are apps for that

Wednesday January 1 – Best of
Greeting cards – a lost art
Clark Rage  Online shoppers beware counterfeits
The constant war against online fraud has led to consumer trust scores
New report: The best family cars for 2019 – Clark Howard
Uber and Lyft add ads via on board gaming tablet